10 Years in the Future

By: PR, iCog Labs

One night. One room. Great minds in attendance. It was a celebration of ten years of innovation, tenacity, and accomplishments. Hosted at the Sheraton Addis, iCog Labs celebrated its ten-year anniversary on May 10, 2023. The black-tie event was hosted by the company to celebrate and thank the incredible team of intellectuals that made iCog Labs the powerhouse it is today.

Leaders and partners of iCog Labs were present and dressed to impress. The event hosted those who were crucial to the success of the company and allowed them to mingle, network, and share big ideas over expensive champagne and bite-sized appetizer

The theme of the night was ‘10 Years in the Future’. That is the way iCog Labs has been operating for the past ten years – way ahead of its time. It was a chance for the team to come together and share pride in the decade of hard work put into carrying out iCog Labs’ mission – to transcend and enhance humankind with the power of artificial intelligence. The company’s leaders, Getnet Aseffa, Betelhem Dessie, and Hruy Tsegaye, all shared their deepest joy and hopes for the future of iCog Labs, iCog ACC, and iMakers. The night was filled with live music, clever conversations, and numerous introductions.

The company’s trials, tribulations, and overall journey were beautifully highlighted during a brief documentary video that premiered that night. Touching on iCog Labs’ humble beginnings as a start-up working in a small tin room, the leaders that were interviewed reminisced about their journey as a company.

Stories like the Sophia Robot coming to Ethiopia but being lost at the airport were memories that had everyone laughing out loud. Parts of the humanoid were separated in different luggage and nowhere to be found. The main question at that time was: how would she be human-like without a body? The documentary also lightheartedly shared the trails the company faced during Covid-19 lockdown when Betelhem would stress-eat ice cream, Hruy would stress-sip macchiatos, and Getnet would stressfully join the both of them. These three supported each other through those few years by staying together and hopeful. The documentary was short, sweet, and had a splash of comedy. It ignited a spark of excitement that lasted the entire night.

The night ended with dancing, cheers, and anticipation for what is to come. If one thing was made clear at the event, about the future of iCog Labs, it is that what has been done up until this day is just the team scratching the surface of their potential. With more influential projects in the works, the company, and the world are supporting and looking forward to the next decade of excellence.

What a night, what an extraordinary night, celebrating inspiring people. Let us hope for many more.

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