This website was produced mainly by Hruy Tsegaye — with some help from Ben Goertzel and George Papadakis.

Hruy is one of the rising young writers in Ethiopia, centrally concerned with topics like rational thinking and finding the best philosophical approach to Humanity’s intrinsic nature. He began his professional career in Afar, as a Program Officer for a governmental agency called HIV AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO).  Hruy strongly believes that technology is the only tool that can transform Africa to the status where one can proudly say “I am from Africa”!

In 2013, Hruy joined iCog Labs, a pioneer company in East Africa engaged in the business of R&D of AI and Robotics. After two years of researching, he launched an initiative called iCog Makers. iCog Makers is all about creating a platform for African Makers and since the concept of emerging technologies and makers is in its infancy stage [in Africa] his project aims to achieve the goal via public universities. Right now, the initiative has more than 28 partner universities from Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Hruy has also been publishing several articles focusing on AI and emerging technologies. His articles are published in both languages; Amharic, Ethiopia’s official language and English. His Amharic articles are mostly for local newspapers and magazines within Ethiopia while his articles in English are available online on Hplus Magazine, Medium, and on iCog Labs website.

Besides that, he has co-authored a book titled “The End of the Beginning: Life, Society and Economy on the Brink of the Singularity”. His interest, when it comes to AI, is mainly on the question of how to harness AI in a pro-poor development bridging the crucial inequality that sickens the globe. In Ethiopia, he has been working with the country’s Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in projects that involve technology transfer, rapid prototyping, and creation of platforms for a self-sufficient tech market.

Hruy has been a member of the IEEE Global Initiative’s Economics and Humanitarian Committee and has been contributing valuable insights about the impact of AI in human development, privacy, higher education and pro-poor economy since 2015.



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