The work we do at iCog Labs is quite practical, making steps forward in various AI research areas and building software for our customers.   But this day-by-day practical work is guided and inspired by a broader vision.

As partners of international future-oriented enterprises such as Humanity+, OpenCog and Novamente LLC, we are dedicated to a  grand vision — we dream of making a breakthrough in the capability of AI systems to think, learn and create, and using this breakthrough AI to improve the lives of people in Africa and around the world.

Technology has advanced a long way since the creation of the first computer. The notion of an intelligence explosion has become almost commonsensical in some circles, with pragmatic and acclaimed visionaries such as Ray Kurzweil arguing that AIs with general intelligence beyond the human level can be expected by the 2040s.

We share this optimistic outlook. We intend to be on the cusp of this intelligence explosion, perhaps even earlier than the 2040s.

Our  grand vision is international and ultimately beyond the Earth itself — yet also very African.

This century is sometimes referred as ‘Africa’s Century’. Our sleepy continent seems to be awakening after a long slumber! Besides continual economic development, Africa is becoming the hot spot, one of the destination continents where international investors, entrepreneurs and megacorporations are rushing to establish their ground and pursue their business.  Advanced AI and software development such as iCog Labs provides has an important role to play within this broader African transformation.

Our mission, in Africa, then is

(a) to enable Ethiopia and Africa to build a cutting edge Computer Science sector and to benefit from powerful software based on AI and advanced computer science, in every aspect of agricultural and industrial production, scientific and academic study, medical and military science.

(b) to build a substantial team of African AI pioneers, with expertise in programming, science, business and other allied areas, and promote the coming age of Technological Singularity in Ethiopia and Africa.






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