Open Cog signed an agreement with Addis Ababa University (AAU)

Open Cog signed an agreement with Addis Ababa University (AAU). The Major goal of the agreement is to build and maintain a relationship in exposing and cultivating the hidden talent within the Ethiopian developers’ community in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As part of the agreement, the university (Addis Ababa Institute of Technology/AAiT) announced that, it would establish a fully functional AI Outsourcing Laboratory inside the Amist Killo Main Campus with estimated cost of 1 million US Dollar.

Seminar On Artificial IntelligenceFor the past 10 months, iCog-Labs, on behalf of Open Cog, have been pushing the University to open a department for postgraduate courses in Artificial Intelligence. Finally, The University, on May 21 has hosted MSc Program launching workshop. Experts from the AAiT, lecturers, and stakeholders from the private company discussed on the curriculums designed for the postgraduate in Artificial intelligence and postgraduate in Mobile Computing.

As part of the agreement, many of the courses on Postgraduate in Artificial Intelligence are going to be lectured by OpenCog Staffs Via Skype. The University stated that it will only accept 50 students in the first year for each postgraduate program. AAiT’s Centre for Information and Scientific Computing stated that it will not accept self-sponsored applicants in the first year of the programs but only students from the government and non-governmental Organizations. (It includes private sectors also)

In collaboration with iCog Labs, AAiT’s Centre for Information and Scientific Computing has also hosted the third AGI conference in Ethiopia on July 16, 2014. More than 50 lecturers, graduating students, and software programmers from other private firms had attended the talk.

The faculty head announced that the department will conduct the entrance exam for the applicants of the postgraduate course on Artificial Intelligence in the first weeks of August while the academic year for the program will start on September 2014.

As part of launching the two new postgraduate programs, the university has organized a one-day workshop on July 4. Staffs from iCog Labs, were invited to explain and elaborate the curriculum that was designed by OpenCog. Lecturers and department heads, on behalf of the University, had discussed and talked on the significant of the program regarding the current information technology growth in the country’s economy.

MSc Program Launching Workshop

2 Responses to Open Cog signed an agreement with Addis Ababa University (AAU)

  1. Amanuel Tamirat says:

    I am from Ethiopia and I want to learn AI and i have info in this year the department will not start is that true??

    • admin says:

      Amanuel, we are glad to know that you want to learn the science of AI as it is our vision to build an AI Community in Ethiopia yet, the details of the academic schedule for the course could be changed with the institute’s accord and if they change their plan you should directly contact them.

      What we know is, when they launch the program, we will supply the faculty (lecturers from abroad) and other details mentioned in the news. So far, the institute didn’t notify us or change any part of the agreement with us.

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